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Open Door Missions International

Making Disciples of all Nations

About Donna....

Prayer Cabin Dedication

MINISTRY OVERVIEW - Donna Nash founded Open Door Missions International in September, 2005. The sphere of her ministry includes, but is not limited to, worshipping the Lord in music with her saxophone and flute, overseas missions, and a broad spectrum of community outreach. Her greatest desire is for people to see the love of God through her service, and receive Christ as their personal Savior.

Donna was introduced to the gifts of the Holy Spirit at age forty, 28 years after salvation. She quotes, "Operating in the gifts of the Spirit is what being in the Holy of Holies must have been like. You truly experience God's presence." Supernatural living became her daily norm, as she trusted her Beloved more and more. She says, "Intimacy with the Father, The Lord Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit is the key."

Donna Nash is called and anointed by God to teach others how to believe God; then receive all that He has promised in His Word. She is ordained through United Christian Church and Ministerial Association in Cleveland, Tennessee and has graduated the United Christian Bible Institute's Correspondence Bible Course.

Donna is married to James Nash, who desires to remain as hidden from mainstream ministry as much as possible. He works full-time and supports his wife in what God calls her to do. He worked very hard to finish the prayer cabin in a timely manner. Donna says, "God anointed James like he did the craftsmen in Exodus-chapter 31, when it was time to build the tabernacle. It is beautiful!"

OVERSEAS MISSIONS - Donna Nash felt called to join a team of evangelists in 2004 and 2006 to Uganda, Africa. Ministers from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Africa held open air meetings, as well as indoor church gatherings. Many received Christ, were healed and set free from great oppression. Through Open Door Missions International, Donna maintains a relationship with Widows Intercessors Ministries, led by Reverend Ruth Mwagalwa. Prayer and financial support give widows and orphans a quality of life they would not otherwise receive. The love of God is shed abroad in their hearts and the hearts of those around them in a more tangible way.

Uganda, Africa - Team Members

Raleigh, NC - Baptism by Immersion

Donna states, "I have not looked back! My pursuit of God has been relentless ever since!" Donna wants everyone around her to know the God who heals and delivers, the Jesus who saves, and the Holy Spirit who indwells and comforts us. Jesus said to her one night, "I am coming soon. Ask the people if they know me?" Jesus' question keeps her passion to reach the lost her number one priority.


Donna Nash accepted Jesus Christ at age 12. She attended a Methodist Church until she graduated from high school. Her heart was re-ignited for Jesus through a Bible study group while serving in the U.S. Air Force at age 21. Because of naivety and ignorance, she solemnly recounts the many years that followed as dry and desolate; until age 40.

Donna admits she was searching for something "more", but did not know what that something was. Then she met the Holy Spirit in a non-denominational church. Two separate encounters with the Living God changed her life forever. First, Donna received a supernatural touch that healed her of severe asthma and allergies. Second, God completely healed her pain wracked body and joints, which was a result of many strenuous years working in the pet care industry. Donna gives God all the glory as she continues in the pet care field; 26 years and counting, as a result of God's touch.

John 17:20

Jesus said, "Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word..."

What a staggering thought...Jesus, our Great Intercessor, praying for those who hear OUR words! The Body of Christ has a tremendous responsibility.